A Picture-Perfect Journey: Getting to Atherton Photography Studio from M61 Junction 5

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A Picture-Perfect Journey: Getting to Atherton Photography Studio from M61 Junction 5

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the stories waiting to be told at Atherton Photography Studio! Tucked conveniently just 5 minutes away from Junction 5 on the M61, this creative haven is a dream destination for photography enthusiasts and clients alike. Let’s embark on a virtual journey to discover just how easy it is to reach this picturesque studio.

Atherton Photography Studio is situated within Bag Lane enterprise Centre and is set back off the main Road and is way to miss.
Atherton Photography Studio is situated within Bag Lane Enterprise Centre and is set back off the main Road and is easy to miss.

Convenient Location Nestled in the heart of the scenic countryside, Atherton Photography Studio offers the best of both worlds – accessibility and natural beauty. Whether you’re travelling from Manchester, Bolton, or any nearby town, you’ll find that the studio’s strategic location ensures a hassle-free commute.

Step-by-Step Directions Getting to the studio is as easy as pie. From Junction 5 on the M61, follow these simple steps:

  1. Exit the Motorway: Take the exit for Junction 5 from the M61.
  2. Follow Signs: Once you’ve exited, follow your Sat Nav “Atherton Photography Studio.” These friendly signs will be your guide, making sure you never lose your way.
  3. Enjoy the Scenic Drive: As you follow the signs, get ready to unwind on a short, picturesque drive. The lush green surroundings and charming landscapes will set the tone for your photography adventure.
  4. Arrival at the Studio: In just 5 minutes, you’ll find yourself at the doorstep of Atherton Photography Studio. You can’t miss it – the studio’s unique architecture and inviting ambience make it stand out.

Ample Parking Worried about finding a parking spot? Fear not! Atherton Photography Studio boasts ample parking facilities for both clients and visitors. Whether you’re coming in for a photo session or a creative consultation, you can park your vehicle with ease and convenience.

A Warm Welcome Awaits Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the studio’s welcoming atmosphere. The staff at Atherton Photography Studio take pride in making your experience comfortable and memorable. The interior of the studio is designed to inspire and enhance creativity, setting the perfect backdrop for your photography journey.

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories Atherton Photography Studio is more than just a physical location – it’s a space where moments are captured, and memories are created. From family portraits to professional headshots, the studio offers a range of photography services that cater to various needs and occasions.

Plan Your Visit Today! As you can see, reaching Atherton Photography Studio from M61 Junction 5 is a breeze. With clear directions, stunning scenery, and ample parking, your journey to this creative hub promises to be just as delightful as the experience waiting for you within its walls.

So, whether you’re a photography enthusiast eager to explore new avenues or a client looking to capture life’s precious moments, plan your visit to Atherton Photography Studio. The journey is easy, and the rewards are boundless. Get ready to frame your world through the lens of artistry!

Vist our directions page for full details and maps on how to reach us by car, bus and rail. Click Here