Before & After – Edited Images

Before and After Examples of Edited Images

I thought it might be interesting to look at what before and after images look like to help appreciate the level of editing done on some of the studio pictures taken at Atherton Photography studios by myself, professional photographer Steve Lowrey.

The examples below are from a few entertainers pictures I have taken over the last 12 month. Editing images for musicians, singers and performers is less subtle and more dramatic than most other types of business and as such sets a higher challenge and easier to see results.

If I was to show you a woodland photograph with a changed background it may be harder to see that the trees in the background have been moved or the sky is now beautiful compared to the dull cloudless grey sky that we have in abundance in the north of the UK.

There are different levels to edits, some are small and discreet and others are a complete replacement unapologetically bold and brash.

I will start with some simple ones.

Lightly edited images

In the first image, the background has been changed to black, three lights have been added to the rear and some smoke has been added to the floor. The picture has been re-sized.

Here are a couple more:

The next few images are examples of a more full-on background edit with added lights and even a full stage.

Full on edits / background changes

I Think you get the picture now.

The changes have to be quite general and cannot be too specific but I will do my best to take any requests into account.

I an only drawing attention to the editing side in these images, the harsh changes mainly in the background but sometimes the foreground too.
Re-touching is the name I give to the editing of the body, the face and the skin etc.
Thats not covered here but a retouching blog is on the cards and is sure to follow soon.

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