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On Site Commercial Headshot Photography at your workplace or my studio

Best Manchester Wigan Bolton  actor business headshot headshots linkedin images photographs Steve Lowrey Atherton Photography studio
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Paint salesman regional manager for auto paints in and around Manchester and the North West
Manchester - Entertainment agent for a Bolton based company taken at my studio
Blackpool based hotel manager who came to my Atherton Photography Studio in Manchester for headshots solicitors, lawyers, dentists, owners
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Business headshot with a smile at Atherton Photoghraphy Studio Manchester near Bolton & Wigan
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Staff portraits on site business photography at my location
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A small business headshot session with all the staff both group & individual images
staff team photographer - professional headshots Atherton Manchester
on site professional photographs around the business showing staff at work at your location in Manchester
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Recent Testimonials

The advantages of having a professional headshot session at your place of business

Best Manchester Wigan Bolton  actor business headshot headshots linkedin images photographs Steve Lowrey Atherton Photography studio

Why you should consider my services for your business in bullet points:

  1. I have a professional studio ideal for headshots if you prefer to come here.
  2. I can come to your place of work and offer studio-quality headshots.
  3. I cover the North West and my rates are competitive.
  4. I can produce some excellent branding or place of work images for you or your website.
  5. I understand the importance of time in the business world, which is why I offer a quick turnaround time for our photos.
  6. My studio is 4 minutes off the motorway with free parking on site. 
  7. You will receive a professional personal service.
  8. Top-quality equipment and professional editing services are always included.
  9. Product photography commissions are undertaken.
  10. Available for events 24/7

In today’s competitive business landscape, your professional image matters more than ever. It’s not just about the products and services you offer, but also the people behind your brand. That’s why we’re excited to present the numerous advantages of having a commercial headshot session right at your place of business.

1. Convenience and Time-Efficiency: We understand that your team’s time is valuable. With on-site headshot sessions, there’s no need for your employees to travel to a studio, wasting valuable work hours. Our team comes to you, to set up a fully equipped photography station at your location. This means minimal disruption to your team’s workflow while ensuring that everyone gets a chance to update their professional image.

2. Consistent Brand Identity: Maintaining a consistent brand image is crucial in today’s visually driven world. On-site headshot sessions allow us to capture the essence of your company’s culture within the backdrop of your actual workspace. This not only provides a sense of authenticity but also ensures that your team’s headshots align perfectly with your brand’s identity and values.

3. Comfort Breeds Confidence: People tend to feel more comfortable and confident in familiar surroundings. By having headshot sessions at your workplace, your team can relax and express their authentic selves. This comfort translates into more natural and approachable headshots, which can positively impact client relationships and networking opportunities.

4. Showcasing Your Workspace: Your workspace speaks volumes about your company’s ethos. Incorporating your office environment into your headshots can tell a story of your team’s professionalism and work culture. Clients and partners will appreciate the glimpse into your world, fostering a deeper sense of connection and trust.

5. Team Unity and Morale: Hosting headshot sessions on-site is a fantastic team-building opportunity. Your employees can support and encourage each other, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie. Plus, sharing the experience of updating professional photos can inject some fun into the workday and improve overall morale.

6. Tailored to Your Needs: Every business is unique, and your headshot session should reflect that. Our on-site sessions allow for greater customization. Whether you want to capture individual headshots, team photos, or even department-specific images, we can accommodate your requirements seamlessly.

Conclusion: Investing in on-site commercial headshot sessions is an investment in your company’s image, culture, and success. By bringing the photography studio to your doorstep, we ensure convenience, consistency, and comfort, resulting in headshots that truly resonate with your brand and team spirit. Let us help you put your best face forward – right from your place of business.

Capture Every Moment in Style: Elevate Your Corporate Events and Product Launches with Professional Photography!

group of executives managers ceos entrepreneurs business people corporate meeting seminar

In the dynamic world of business, first impressions and lasting memories are paramount. That’s why we’re thrilled to present the exceptional benefits of having a professional photographer document your corporate events and product launches. Our expertise goes beyond capturing images – we’re here to capture the essence of your brand’s success.

1. Preserving Precious Moments: Your corporate events and product launches are more than mere gatherings – they’re milestones in your journey. Our professional photographers are adept at preserving the genuine emotions, interactions, and achievements that unfold during these occasions. From the excitement of a product unveiling to the camaraderie among team members, we ensure that every precious moment is encapsulated for posterity.

2. Showcasing Professionalism: Your commitment to excellence deserves to be showcased. With our expert photographers on site, your events receive a touch of professionalism that goes beyond smartphone snapshots. The high-quality images we provide can be leveraged in marketing materials, press releases, and social media, reflecting the exceptional standards of your brand.

3. Enhancing Brand Visibility: Captivating visuals are a powerful tool for brand visibility. The images we capture can be shared across various platforms, from your website to social media channels, ensuring that your corporate events and product launches reach a wider audience. These images serve as a visual narrative, leaving a lasting impression on clients, partners, and industry peers.

4. Engaging Content Creation: In today’s content-driven world, having a treasure trove of engaging visual content is a game-changer. Our photographers capture images that resonate with your target audience, providing you with a steady stream of content for blog posts, newsletters, and social media updates. This content reinforces your brand message and maintains audience engagement long after the event concludes.

5. Building Relationships: Our photographers don’t just capture images; they forge connections. By interacting discreetly with attendees, they create an atmosphere of comfort that encourages candid shots and natural expressions. These interactions contribute to building positive relationships, portraying your brand as approachable and genuinely interested in connecting with its audience.

6. Comprehensive Coverage: Whether it’s a large-scale conference or an intimate product launch, our photographers are skilled at capturing the breadth and depth of your event. From keynote speeches to networking moments, product demonstrations to guest interactions, we ensure that no aspect goes unnoticed, providing you with a comprehensive visual story.

Conclusion: Investing in a professional photographer for your corporate events and product launches is an investment in your brand’s narrative, reputation, and impact. With our expertise, you can confidently showcase the heart and soul of your events, leaving a lasting impression on clients, stakeholders, and the industry at large.

Let us help you capture the spirit of your events with impeccable style. Contact us today to secure professional photography services that will elevate your corporate events and product launches to new heights!

group of executives managers ceos entrepreneurs business people corporate meeting seminar

Showcase Your Business and Team in the Best Light: On-Site Professional Photography for Your Business and Staff

on site professional photographs around the business showing staff at work at your location in Manchester

Visuals play a crucial role in conveying your brand’s story and values. Today, we’re excited to share the remarkable benefits of enlisting a professional photographer to capture stunning on-site images of your business and staff. Our expertise is dedicated to bringing your narrative to life through captivating visuals.

1. Capturing Authenticity: Your business is more than just products and services; it’s a hub of creativity, dedication, and teamwork. Our professional photographers excel at capturing the authentic essence of your workspace and the genuine interactions among your staff. These images transcend the ordinary, resonating with clients and partners who appreciate the real people behind your brand.

2. Elevating Brand Perception: Visuals are an influential factor in shaping brand perception. High-quality, professionally taken images showcase your business as a leader in your industry, committed to excellence in every aspect. These images can be used across your marketing collateral, website, and social media, solidifying your brand’s position and fostering trust.

3. Engaging Website and Social Media Content: In the digital age, your online presence is paramount. Our on-site images provide you with a treasure trove of captivating visuals that can be strategically integrated into your website and social media profiles. Fresh, engaging content not only keeps your audience interested but also attracts potential clients and partners.

4. Personalized Team Portraits: Putting a face to a name enhances personal connections. Our photographers can create personalized portraits of your staff that go beyond the typical headshots. These portraits capture the unique personalities and roles within your team, giving clients and stakeholders a glimpse into the talented individuals driving your business forward.

5. Storytelling Through Imagery: Every business has a story, and our photographers are adept at weaving that story through images. From shots that highlight your company’s history to those that showcase your future aspirations, we craft a visual narrative that resonates with your audience and communicates the journey your brand is on.

6. Strengthening Team Bonding: Having a photographer on-site is not just about capturing images; it’s also a team-building opportunity. Our photographers create a relaxed and enjoyable environment, encouraging genuine interactions among your staff. This experience fosters a sense of unity, positivity, and shared purpose among your team members.

Conclusion: Investing in on-site professional photography is an investment in your brand’s visual identity, team morale, and overall success. With our skilled photographers, you’ll have a collection of compelling images that tell the story of your business and showcase the remarkable individuals who make it thrive.

Let us help you shine a spotlight on your business and team. Reach out today to secure professional photography services that will leave a lasting impression on your audience and elevate your brand to new heights!

What to wear for a business headshot

It’s crucial to think about what to dress to make the best impression when getting ready for a professional photo session. You and your company will be represented in your headshot, therefore it’s crucial to show yourself professionally. Here are some suggestions on what to dress in for a studio business headshot session:

Professional Attire: The most crucial component of dressing for a headshot session is to seem professional. The professional image you want to project to your clients, colleagues, or employers should be reflected in your attire. Choose up neat, clean attire that fits you nicely and enhances your body shape.

Selecting colours and patterns that go well with your skin tone and help you look your best is crucial. Wearing too many patterns, loud prints, or neon hues might make you look busy in photographs. White, grey, black, and navy blue are all excellent neutral colour choices.

Accessorize: Adding accessories can improve your appearance and give you a more professional vibe. Choose jewellery that matches your clothing, such as a necklace or a pair of earrings, or a modest, stylish watch. But, stay away from wearing anything that will draw attention, including spectacular necklaces or earrings with big hoops.  

Hair & Makeup: For a corporate headshot session, it’s critical to properly style your hair and apply makeup. Make sure your hair is clean and styled neatly, and avoid any drastic or bold hairstyles. Keep your makeup natural-looking and uncomplicated, emphasising your greatest features. 

Wearing comfortable shoes is crucial to making you feel more at ease and confident, even though they won’t be seen in your headshot. Choose a pair of business-casual shoes that you can wear during the entire session.

In conclusion, it’s critical to offer a polished picture that accurately portrays you and your company by dressing appropriately for a business headshot session. Avoid anything overly distracting or flamboyant, and keep it simple, beautiful, and professional. You’ll be prepared to rock your headshot session and leave a positive impression on your clients, colleagues, or employers if you keep these pointers in mind.

staff team photographer - professional headshots Atherton Manchester

For management & teams

For great business portraits of your directors, management, or workforce I can provide a fast and efficient service with a quick turnaround on digital images. Any business catered for.

Depending on the size of your business, we can provide the photographic service at my studio on-site at your location.

The business headshots are suitable for:

  • Professional Linkedin Photo
  • Brochures
  • Wall Gallery
  • Badges

I will coach your headshots!

Getting the balance right is the name of the game.

The expression says it all and that’s what I am here to do. To coach you into the perfect headshot.

Confident yet approachable with perfect lighting and the background colour of your choice. Black, white, corporate colours or a faded-out office background, it’s your call. I have lots to choose from.

Whether you are the CEO, manager, or a photocall for a staff or team photoshoot, we will work with you to produce the images that you want.

Let’s talk! We can have a Zoom meeting prior to your shoot or I can come to you.

The photoshoots can take place at my studio or if possible, your place of work.

construction company director headshot for the works website and LinkedIn profile non smiling

Some frequently asked questions

In what format do you deliver the images?

All images are provided in a digital Jpeg format unless otherwise requested. This is the universal standard for all images and is suitable for the internet and brochures.

Headshot or Portrait?

Sometimes a headshot may not be enough to tell your story if you’re looking for background images for a website or publication.

A headshot is all about the head and shoulders whereas a portrait is from head to toe.

On a headshot, I try to remove distractions from the photograph but on a portrait image, we can add many things to enhance the photo from props to lighting changes.

Portraits can be environmental, (at your place of work) or place of choice as well as my studio.

I can also shoot editorial style and include workmates and capture the genuine feel of your product or industry or field of expertise.

Business portraits are suitable for:

  • Staff Headshots

  • Office Headshots

  • Employee Headshots

  • Student Headshots

  • Doctor Headshots

  • Barrister / Solicitor Headshots

  • Real Estate Headshots

Team & Group Headshots - No Problem !

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