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Specialist headshots and portrait photoshoots for entertainers, musicians, and performers. Easy access from all over the North West via M61

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High-quality photography for posters, websites, and social media. I provide quality images for all performing artists, singers, musicians, and entertainers, publicity portraits, and headshots for portfolios.

High-quality plain or imaginative images and portrait photos will make you shine and give you the edge when looking for work.

Quality Images Make You Stand Out

lady gaga tribute act publicity - high-end picture editing and retouching

The most important image you will have as a Performing Artist

As a former entertainment agent of 20 years standing, believe me when I say:

Bad publicity:

It closes doors, it puts bookers off, can give the impression you don’t care about the show, it will lose you work and therefore it will lose you money. I’ve seen bookings get cancelled because of the publicity sent to venues.

Good Publicity:

Opens doors, it gets bookers interested in your show, it shows pride in your appearance, it looks professional, and will increase your confidence & your income. 

Invest In Yourself

Recent Testimonials

Sean Paul Live

T'Pau live on stage

Featuring Carol Decker

KIARA MARZELLA live on stage

Pantomime Photoshoot

There is never a dull moment in this job and a photography session for the cast of a Pantomime is so much fun!

O’ No it isn’t
Oh yes, it is!!

Drag Queen Publicity Photoshoot

In recent years, the popularity of drag queens has experienced a remarkable surge, captivating audiences worldwide with their unique blend of creativity, talent, and empowerment. Drag, once considered a niche subculture, has evolved into a mainstream phenomenon, thanks to the widespread acceptance and celebration of diverse gender expressions.

At Atherton Photography Studio, I recognize the significance of capturing the essence of drag culture through my lens. The artistry and self-expression displayed by drag queens have become a focal point in contemporary conversations surrounding identity and acceptance. Drag performances, known for their flamboyant costumes, impeccable makeup, and captivating stage presence, have become a source of inspiration and empowerment for individuals across the spectrum of gender and sexual orientation.

Social media platforms have played a pivotal role in propelling drag queens into the spotlight, providing a global stage for performers to showcase their talent and connect with a diverse audience. The viral nature of drag content has not only contributed to the mainstream visibility of drag culture but has also fostered a sense of community among fans and performers alike. This interconnectedness has facilitated the sharing of stories and experiences, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

Beyond the glitter and glamour, drag queens often use their platform to advocate for social justice and equality. Many queens use their visibility to address issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and body positivity. This activism has further endeared them to audiences seeking representation and role models who challenge societal norms.

Drag performances are no longer confined to traditional venues; they have infiltrated mainstream entertainment, with drag queens becoming fixtures in television shows, movies, and fashion events. This integration has not only diversified the entertainment landscape but has also contributed to a broader cultural shift toward embracing individuality and breaking down societal barriers.

In conclusion, the popularity of drag queens is a testament to the evolving cultural landscape, where diversity and self-expression are celebrated. As a photographer, I am committed to capturing the vibrancy and authenticity of drag culture, recognizing its profound impact on shaping a more inclusive and accepting society. Through my lens at Atherton Photography Studio, I aim to contribute to the ongoing narrative of empowerment and creativity that drag queens bring to the forefront of popular culture.

Live Performance Artists Choose Steve Lowrey

Steve Lowrey is the ideal choice when it comes to choosing the correct photographer to provide amazing publicity images for entertainers and performing artists. For more than 20 years, Steve has worked as a professional photographer, specialising in in-studio and on-location picture sessions for a variety of entertainers. He has a keen understanding of the entertainment business and a talent for getting the ideal shot for every one of his customers. Steve will make sure that your promotional shots stand out and get you recognised, whether you are a musician, actor, or singer.

Steve Lowrey is aware of how crucial having the appropriate kind of photograph is for any publicity campaign. He will put a lot of effort into producing the ideal images that capture your brand’s overall aesthetic and personality. He also knows what kinds of photographs will be more likely to catch people’s attention: those that capture the entertainer’s emotion and passion as well as their best features. If you’re going for an edgy, gritty look, he is well-suited to deliver the goods in a memorable way.

Steve has worked with well-known clients, such as important record companies, but his strategy is extremely customised and adapted to the requirements of each talent. To make sure that all of their needs are addressed and that the photographs accurately portray the passion and intensity of an artist’s performance, he works closely with each of his customers. The results of this meticulous attention to detail exhibit the artist’s inner soul and have an extraordinarily strong impact.

Furthermore highly polished and professional is Steve’s work. He has a proven track record of delivering results that are superior to those of his rivals. He is constantly thinking of new ways to employ light and composition to produce stunning, attention-grabbing pictures. Also, his use of contrast and colour contributes to the visual impact that is guaranteed to pull in viewers. With Steve, you can be confident that your photographs will be distinctive and stand out in a crowded market.

The breadth of Steve Lowrey’s experience is one of the main benefits of his services. He has taken pictures of actors, musicians, and numerous other artists, so he possesses the talent and expertise needed to get the ideal images for any kind of marketing. Also, he follows the always-evolving trends in the music and entertainment sectors, employing this information to produce more fashionable and current advertising photographs.

Steve offers a variety of photography services in addition to offering direction and support for the duration of the publicity campaign. He assists you along the route and gives suggestions on the kinds of images you should use for your project. He also offers editing services to help you get the highest-quality outcomes possible. Working with Steve gives you the peace of mind that your images are in skilled and capable hands and will look stunning and have an impact.

Hence, Steve Lowrey is the ideal choice if you are a performer in need of the ideal photographs to capture your personality and artistic approach. You can be sure that your promotional shots will help to advance your career and spread the word about you thanks to his experience, talent, and attention to detail. Whatever kind of performer you are, Steve Lowrey is the best photographer to capture the right collection of photographs to highlight your abilities.

Helpful Blog Articles

Entertainers Headshots & Publicity

If you are a performing artist, singer, comedian, or in a band, I cannot stress that the right publicity shot for you is of paramount importance.

Your image needs to impress and are suitable for:

  • The booking agent

  • Your agent

  • The venue manager

  • The potential audience

  • Publicity

  • Posters

  • Graphic Designers

You need to capture all this and your personality in one image.

I have years of experience and will help you every step of the way.
I have make-up artists available to hire if you wish.

Quality Images for Entertainers Posters

First Impressions Count!

People will see your publicity long before they have the pleasure of the real you! It’s so important that your publicity appears as professional as you are.  A picture paints a thousand words and an image that captures your personality or tells your story is a must.

Keeping your publicity up-to-date is so important. Venue managers are always complaining to their agents that the artists don’t look like their publicity pictures.

Clean eye-catching publicity is vital.

I have been delivering high-quality images for the entertainment sector for years. With the client’s specific ideas in mind, we can create clean-cut, moody or bespoke photograph as required.

I can add a wow factor to get you noticed. 

I will edit and re-touch the images so they are as high end as you want.

I work with some amazing Make-Up artists, if you want a professional MUA to attend please ask me for a quote.

Live Performance or Studio Photoshoot?

I have a professional compact studio based at Atherton Photo Studio, which is ideal for promotional images. Studio images are usually faster and more directed at your requirements.
 I am more than happy to come to a live performance and take a mixture of live and posed images.  Getting the perfect live image can take much longer but the results can be breathtaking.
Singers, bands, comedians, musicians, tribute acts, and dancers are all catered for. I am more than happy to work with specialty performers such as Ariel work and fire-eaters. All areas of work considered so get in touch.
Background replacements are also available, let’s talk, get in touch.
What is a background replacement?

Why choose me for your publicity images.

It should be and will be a great experience, serious, but fun at the same time. We have top-quality equipment and amazing facilities for your comfort. Most of all, I will get the results that you want!

Get the image you always wanted.

  • Years of experience
  • We have private changing facilities
  • Free car parking
  • Free pick up and drop off at local railway station.
  • Free tea, coffee and bottled mineral water.
  • Pick your images on the day they are taken
  • When you have chosen we professionally edit each image
  • Free background changes on images.
  • Your finished images are displayed in our online gallery
  • You can download your hi-res images  many times
  • You can share your links
  • You can download social media size images.

Your image needs to impress and are suitable for:

  • Entertainment agents
  • Venue managers
  • Publicity
  • Posters
  • Graphic Designers

get in touch