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Get the image you need from Atherton Photography Studio in Manchester M46.

If you are a professional or just starting out in your field,  an inspired model looking for a portfolio perhaps, sometimes you need more than a headshot.

The word portrait seems to cover almost everything else so let us keep the definition wide open. Anything from head to toe and any background/backdrop you desire.

Portraits for Professionals by Professionals

For the business and arts industries, sometimes a headshot is just not enough and we can expand to portraits, full-body, and three-quarter length shots. 

These can be for yourself or at the request of your agent representative, whatever the request I will deliver your photoshoot outside in natural daylight or in our fully equipped studio. 

Portrait photography can also involve the use of props so if you have any particular ideas, please be sure to send them over.

Looking for something more creative?


Creative portrait photoshoots are available

Headshots & Portfolios for Models & Dancers.

You should hire a qualified, seasoned photographer who understands how to shoot the greatest pictures while having publicity photos done for your modelling career. One of the top photographers for model publicity photographs is Steve Lowrey, a seasoned model and model photographer. We’ll go through why Steve Lowrey is a fantastic pick for your model publicity shots in this section.

professional conduct

It is well known that Steve Lowrey is a professional. He not only arrives on time, but he also fosters an environment that allows you to unwind and be yourself, which is crucial for taking the ideal picture. He has worked with models of various experience levels and is consistently forgiving and understanding of a model’s level of proficiency.

2. Knowledge

One of Steve Lowrey’s greatest strengths is his proficiency in photography. He has a thorough understanding of lighting and composition, which enables him to take beautiful pictures that will appear absolutely amazing in your modelling publicity images. He is skilled at framing and capturing the right postures, but he also knows how to employ various strategies to ensure that your photos stand out from the competition.

3. Adaptability

Working with Steve Lowrey is one of the nicest things you can do because of his versatility. He is constantly ready to collaborate with his clients to achieve the aesthetic they desire for their advertising images. In addition, he is flexible with his schedule to accommodate his clients’ needs, which makes him a wonderful option if you have particular demands.

4. Ingenious Mind

Steve also possesses a creative imagination when it comes to taking portraits of individuals. He frequently has original poses or backdrop ideas that will enhance the appearance of your photographs. Also, he has a keen eye for detail, which enables him to catch the ideal moments to make your publicity images appear wonderful.

5. Knowledge

For years, Steve Lowrey has been taking pictures of models for use in advertisements. He not only has a fantastic flair for striking the right pose, but he also has a keen eye for the right lighting in each photo. His expertise also enables him to instruct his clients on the best ways to move and position in order to take the greatest possible pictures.

Overall, Steve Lowrey is a great option for publicity shots of models. He stands out from other photographers thanks to his professionalism, knowledge, flexibility, creativity, and experience. He is skilled at taking beautiful pictures that will help you feel and look your best. So, Steve Lowrey is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a photographer to capture your model publicity photographs.

Model Portfolio Photography


Whatever your skilled profession, I will give you the headshot or portrait you have always wanted.

Sometimes a headshot may not be enough to tell your story if you’re looking for background images for a website or publication.

A headshot is all about the head and shoulders whereas a portrait is from head to toe.

On a headshot, I try to remove distractions from the photograph but on a portrait image, we can add many things to enhance the photo from props to lighting changes.

Portraits can be environmental, (at your place of work) or place of choice as well as my studio.

I can also shoot editorial style and include workmates and capture the genuine feel of your product or industry or field of expertise.

Dancer & Model Headshots & Portraits

These shoots are specifically designed for dancers and models of all levels.

 All styles and types of aspiring dancers & models of a professional and semi-professional nature.

My dancer & model headshot and portrait images are suitable for:

  • Dance Agency

  • Model Agencies

  • Spotlight & similar

  • Social Media

  • Your own website

  • Potential employers

I can cater to all styles of dance portraits. Differing styles, indoor or outdoor, ariel, pole, and fire.

Model shoots are studio-based with a variety of props and different backdrops to suit your image.

I have make-up artists available to hire if you wish.

I can offer full coaching through the photo session if you are a novice and advice on what to wear etc.

Fashion portfolio building and fashion photoshoots fall into this genre.

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