Actor Headshots Manchester

Actor headshot taken in Oldham, Greater Manchester
TV personality Mark Labette Actors Headshot
experienced actor Shoji-Rai has had a few actor headshot sessions at Atherton Photography studio
Joe travelled form Sheffield for his actor headshot session
Mike is an actor and master magician who came for actor headshots
Lisa is a Acting & drama teacher and an actor in her own right who came for professional headshots
Young film actor headshot of Molly giving a rare smile
Jack came from Chorley to Atherton Photography studio for his actors headshots
Samaneh is a student studying drama at Manchester University and came from Wythenshaw for her actors headshots
Young female actor headshots
Smiling actor headshot from a young femaleYoung Female Actor actress - Signed to an agency - headshot photoshoot child children's
young female actor bashed in Ashton, Manchester
an alternative look form Kerry and one of her headshot packageManchester Worsley actor actress headshot publicity portfolio stage agent casting director full body no makeup
Young Female Actor actress - headshot photoshoot portfolio child children's college school Manchester warrington Salford
Talented female actress actor headshot
asian actor headshots
young female in her mid 20's actor headshots
Mature male actor headshot
Young child actor headshot
Young male boy actor headshots from Bolton
Young schoolgirl actor headshot
young actors headshot bolton
Preston actor headshots
Headshots are still available in black and white if you want them
Liverpool actor headshots
wigan actor in a black and white headshot that tells a story

Its all about you, not me!

Get the headshot that sells you

Casting directors and agencies frequently judge you as an actor based only on your headshot. Because of this, it’s essential to have a headshot that accurately portrays both your physical attributes and your distinctive personality and abilities. Here are some things I can provide for you if you choose me to take your actor headshots:

Bring out your best features: With years of expertise and an eye for detail, I can assist you in posing in a way that brings out your greatest features and distinguishing characteristics. 

Provide a calm and pleasant atmosphere: I realise that posing for images can be nerve-wracking, so I make an effort to establish a calm and friendly atmosphere during our photo shoot. This will make you more at ease and self-assured, which will make your headshots appear more true and natural. 

Employ professional lighting and equipment: I make sure that your headshots are of the greatest calibre using professional lighting and equipment. As a result, your headshots will be razor-sharp, crystal-clear, and visually attractive, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Work together: I firmly think that a successful headshot shooting is the result of my clients and I working together. To help you get the appearance and feel you desire, I take the time to listen to your needs and preferences. 

Provide prompt and effective service: I am aware that headshots are frequently required by actors rapidly, whether it is for a last-minute audition or an unexpected opportunity. Because of this, I provide prompt and effective service and send your edited headshots on schedule.

Ultimately, by choosing me to take your actor headshots, you will be investing in my priceless experience that will help you look and feel your best.

Childrens Headshots Manchester

Talent starts young these days and agencies will still insist on professional actor headshots no matter how old the young thespian may be.

We can get some amazing images for you if you need children’s headshots for our next superstar of the cinema or theatre.

Age isn’t the main consideration, as long as the parent believes that the child protege is able to sit calmly in front of the camera and follow simple instructions, it’s a piece of cake!

Anyone 17 and under has to be accompanied by a parent.

All images are taken and treated in the same way as adult images, in the same studio with the same equipment, and edited to the same high standard.

Our studio is open in the evenings and at weekends so we can accommodate after-school or weekend sessions. 

My youngest headshot client was 9 months old!

children's headshots north west

Kids Headshots Undertaken

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