Updating your publicity- Why you should give a f**k.

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Updating your publicity- Why you should give a f**k.

Updating your publicity- Why you should give a f**k.

Have you ever noticed that when you spray perfume on your body it smells nice for a while and then you don’t notice it at all after minutes, or your computer makes a constant sound but after a while your brain ignores it? The same can be said with publicity images. If you don’t change them, your clients stop looking at the same old, same old. That’s why the top artists change their publicity every one or two years and if that’s what you aspire to become, maybe you need to consider, that’s what you should be doing too.

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So why should you give a F**k about updating your publicity? Well, let’s dive into the reasons why refreshing your image portfolio is crucial for staying and making a lasting impression.


      1. Capture and Retain Attention

    Imagine you’re flipping through a magazine, and you stumble upon an ad you’ve seen countless times before. Chances are, you’ll barely register it, if at all. The same principle applies to your publicity images. When your clients see the same visuals repeatedly, they may start to overlook them. By updating your portfolio, you rekindle their interest and keep them engaged. It’s all about capturing and retaining attention in a world overflowing with visual content.


        1. Reflect Growth and Evolution

      As a photographer, your skills and style are constantly evolving. Your early work might be vastly different from what you produce today. By showcasing your growth through updated publicity images, you demonstrate your commitment to improvement and your dedication to your craft. It’s a testament to your journey as an artist, and clients appreciate witnessing this evolution.


          1. Stay Relevant in a Dynamic Industry

        The photography industry is dynamic, with trends and tastes constantly shifting. What was in vogue last year might not cut it today. Keeping your publicity images up-to-date ensures that you remain relevant and aligned with current aesthetics. This adaptability positions you as a professional who can navigate the ever-changing landscape of visual storytelling.


            1. Showcase Versatility

          Updating your publicity images also allows you to display your versatility as a photographer. You’re not a one-trick pony; you possess a diverse range of skills and styles. By showcasing various facets of your talent, you cater to a broader audience and attract clients with different preferences. It’s a strategic move to broaden your client base and maximize your opportunities.


              1. Inspire Confidence and Trust

            When potential clients visit your website or portfolio, they want to see recent work that reflects your current capabilities. Outdated images can raise doubts about your relevancy and expertise. Fresh, high-quality visuals instil confidence and trust in your abilities, making potential clients more likely to choose you as their photographer.

            Updating your publicity- Keeping your image relevant

            In conclusion, updating your publicity images is not just about staying with the times; it’s about setting the pace. It’s about showing the world that you’re not content with the status quo and that you’re committed to growth and adaptation. So, if you aspire to be among the top artists in the field, make updating your publicity a regular part of your professional journey. It’s not just about giving care; it’s about giving your audience a reason to care about you and your remarkable photography.

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